Compliance Management

Where regulatory, process, policy or compliance changes are being made, the Compliance Management solution ensures that these are reviewed and approved by the right people, in addition to ensuring that the appropriate learning outcomes are also achieved.

Each of these documents can be managed for relevance allowing for the most accurate and completed information is being made available to all colleagues, this avoids aged processes and procedures being followed and risks arising from out of date details.

How do you manage Compliance?

Governance, risk and compliance is often seen as the role of an individual or a team within the company. When it’s not embedded into the daily routine of everyone, changes aren’t controlled, risks aren’t managed and opportunities are missed.

External audits are chaotic, employees are confused, and there is an extra layer of contradiction which slows your business down.

Compliance Management User Access and Functionality

The system is profile based providing flexibility of user interfaces to ensure that all aspects of the management of the assets have been made available to the right people at the right time.

Where a regulatory change has been proposed or made, GotoRisk will enable the management of the change whilst providing an audit trail of completion and compliance, and create an audit framework that can be worked against for the user, providing a clear and concise approach to compliance but tailored to your needs.

Integration and Reporting

As part of the integrated nature of GotoRisk, any legislative changes and associated learning changes can trigger notifications to learners and the management or review of assets as necessary.

Data Management and Reporting

Auditing of the changes and adherence to these requirements are collated and reported from this module allowing for management functions to clearly evidence their adherence to the relevant regulations.

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