Incident Management

The incident management system enables the capture of key components of information as a result of an accident or identification of an act of crime, this is electronically recorded whilst initiating processes of escalation and investigation automatically and providing root cause analysis reporting.

The reporting process manages the information input requirements allowing for the form to collate the correct information at the right time without excessive information being required, unless necessary.

How do you manage Incidents?

With 1000’s of incidents being reported, how many are correctly recorded and effectively managed. They come in many guises and each one needs to be managed appropriately being able to investigate and identify the root causes is key.

Successful Incident Management enables organisations to avoid the potentially disastrous consequences of disruption by helping detect incidents promptly and respond appropriately.

Incident Management User Access and Functionality

The system is profile based providing flexibility of user interfaces to ensure that all aspects of the incident have been made available to the right people at the right time, with the solution being available at all times and on any device, the incident can be reported in a timely manner.

This singular reporting facility reduces the requirement for multiple forms and notifications to be managed, whilst ensuring that you are able to capture all of the necessary information at once.

GotoRisk allows for any combination of individual, property or asset to be identified as part of the reporting of the incident whilst triggering internal processes based on the selection criteria.

Incident allocation

As part of the workflow facilities within GotoRisk, investigators can be assigned to locations so that in the event of an incident the relevant investigator is tasked to undertake an investigation based upon the location and workloads of the investigators.

Where the limit of the investigator is reached, an investigator within the same allocation pool with the least amount of work is tasked with the investigation.

The result? A fully integrated incident management solution where all recorded incidents trigger the necessary actions for investigation or management by the relevant team(s).

Integrated Solution

As part of the integrated facilities of GotoRisk, in the event of a colleague being associated with an incident, all learner records are automatically made available as part of the investigation.

Where an asset is involved such as racking, a vehicle or building, this information can also be centrally collated into the investigation. In addition to this, any colleague learning completed by those involved as part of the maintenance or use of the asset would be also be collated.

Data management and Reporting

All of the information inputted is collated and summarized to ensure accuracy of information and completeness of data as part of any investigation or reporting requirements.

Incident details can be reviewed and reported upon providing a singular multi-dimensional view for management reporting.

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