“Since we installed the SmartMister our staff have become more relaxed returning to work during the pandemic”

Sanitise your work premises to British, EU and International standards at the push of a button.
Make your company COVID-secure the smart way with SmartMister.

Invisible viruses, bacteria and fungus can damage your business at the best of times – your staff can get sick leading to decreased productivity, your customers can get sick leading to a damaged reputation, and your company can fail to meet sanitation standards leading to legal issues or closures. You need to act now to protect your business and you need to act smartly.

“Coronavirus has made sanitising more important than ever – SmartMister has made it easier than ever to do.”

What is SmartMister and who’s it for?

The SmartMister is a simple, sleek and cost-effective way to sanitise your work premises, car or home at the push of a button. The device emits a safe, organic sterilising mist which disinfects the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch. It can be operated during the day or overnight and can be set to run automatically for ease of use. The SmartMister is perfect for sanitising large and small offices, care homes, schools, gyms, retail and food outlets, hospitality venues, and vehicles.

Sanitises your work premises at the push of a button – proven to meet British, EU and International standards.
Kills 99.9999% of harmful germs, viruses, and spores – including Covid-19, flu, E-coli, MRSA and Norovirus.
Reaches every surface, nook and cranny – even places that rarely get cleaned by hand.
Disinfects the average work premises in less than an hour – without any hassle and with minimal cost.
Cuts labour costs and can decrease sick days – creating a healthy, clean, and productive working environment.
Comes with a 12-month warranty – for your peace of mind.

“The SmartMister gives us peace of mind that we are giving our staff the safest working environment possible when in the office”
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Why choose SmartMister?

Easy to use

The SmartMister can be operated manually, controlled via the app, or set to come on automatically. Run it overnight and your entire premises will be sanitised by the morning and remain sanitised throughout the next day – the HCOL solution in the air and on the surfaces kills germs in under one second! You can also run the SmartMister during working hours as the mist is safe for inhalation and kind to skin.

Disinfecting your premises by hand with sprays or fogging machines is expensive and time-consuming. The SmartMister is a one-off investment with the small ongoing cost of top-up fluid. Cutting out the labour costs means the SmartMister soon pays for itself, allowing you to free up more resources whilst still meeting or exceeding sanitary regulations.


Proven to work

The SmartMister has been independently tested and approved – consistently meeting British, EU, and International sanitary standards. It goes above and beyond for most businesses, as it complies with the NHS’s and World Health Organisation’s standards for sanitising rooms to a medical-grade.
The SmartMister uses Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) – a medical and food-grade, non-toxic sanitising solution proven to kill 99.9999% of harmful germs including coronavirus. HOCL is a highly effective organic solution based on our body’s own natural defences, meaning it’s safe to inhale, kind to skin, it can be used around food, and it doesn’t produce a chemically odour or taste.


How does it work?

The technical answer:

  1. Air is taken in and filtered through an HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter to remove large particles.
  2. The air is then run through a UVC lamp which sterilises it.
  3. The air is then infused with a medical and food-grade, organic sterilising mist (HOCL liquid which has been converted into gas).
  4. The sterilising mist is dispensed into the room and spreads to every surface, nook and cranny that air can reach.
  5. By using our methodology your entire work premises, from the air you breathe to the surfaces you touch, can remain sanitised throughout the day.
    • Just one hour of misting will normally sanitise the average work premises for an entire day.
    • At one hour of use a day, a 5L bottle of HOCL solution will last approximately one month.
    • The SmartMister can be supplied with a diagnostic tool for you to measure the effective sanitisation in real-time.

The simple answer:

  1. You fill up the SmartMister about once a month.
  2. You set it to run automatically on a schedule, or turn it on manually or via the app.
  3. You come in each morning to a fully sanitised workplace ready for a healthy and happy day’s work!

Which product is right for you?



Discounts when purchasing 3+ units

The full-size SmartMister is perfect for sanitising large office premises, care homes, schools, gyms, retail and food outlets, and hospitality venues.



Discounts when purchasing 3+ units

The medium-sized desktop SmartMister is perfect for sanitising smaller spaces such as small offices and meeting rooms.



Discounts when purchasing 3+ units

The smallest SmartMister is fully portable and is perfect for sanitising taxis, private hire vehicles, coaches and minibuses.



For 2 x bottles of 5 Litres each


This proven solution has the power to prevent and control infections wherever risk occurs.

Ask us a question!

It’s never been so important to sanitise your work premises and with SmartMister it’s never been so easy to do. We’re ready to answer your questions, help you choose the right product, or give you a quote.

“Knowing every morning the offices have been sanitised allows us to focus back on our work and can even feel safe having face to face meetings with the smaller desktop version”

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