Device Sanitisers

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Mobile devices an harbour germs and viruses, particular in environments where devices are shared such as hospitals, schools and workplaces.

Our ipad and tablet solutions not only provide convenient, secure storage and charging but also have built in UVC sanitisation lamps to ensure that germs and bacteria are killed quickly and effectively.

They can also be used as secure storage for mobile phones belonging to healthcare workers whilst at work providing not only secure storage, but charging and disinfecting devices at the same time.

Individual device UVC steriliser

UVC steriliser with wireless charger and built-in aromatherapy diffuser. Perfect for sterilising small devices such as mobile phones.

Automatic timer: 5/10mins
Output Power: 5W
Power Input: USB DC 5V/ 1A
Material: ABS Plastic
Ultraviolet Wavelength:254 nm
Dimensions: 210x120x57mm

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iPad/tablet charging station with UVC disinfection

20-bay iPad/tablet storage charging unit with UVC sterilisation lamps. Includes door-switch to disable UVC light when opened ensuring safe operation.

Includes both USB-A and USB-C connectors for compatibility with your existing device charging cables.

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