Door Handle Sanitisers

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Door handles are known to be havens for countless types of harmful bacteria and are the most susceptible contact point for human-to-human transmission of all forms of germs. People can contract the common cold, flu or other diseases by inadvertently exposing themselves to unsanitised door handles Our automatic door handle sanitisers ensure that germs and viruses are killed effectively, and when used in conjunction with normal cleaning ensure that these ‘hotpots’ don’t pose any unnecessary risk to your staff or visitors.

Automatic door handle disinfector

Hyso 99.9 automatic door handle disinfectant solution which can be installed onto most doors in minutes.

The D3 Micro is an EPA-registered Door handle Disinfecting Device that kills more than 99.9% of illness and disease causing bacteria and
viruses found on door handles. Unlike other products that focus on getting your hands clean, the D3 Micro is the only product that focuses on
keeping them clean.

Available in black, white or silver.

Suitable for most door handle types.

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Hyso 99.9 Refill pack

Sanitiser refill for Hyso 99.9 automatic door handle disinfector (6-pack).

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ID-Card holder with door opener

Patent-pending, multi-function, door opening ID card holder made from antibacterial plastic. Features door pull and keypad ‘tapper’ to minimises contact. Reduces the risk of spreading germs and microbes in the workplace.

Displays one single-sided ISO ID card and includes slot for attaching lanyards/yo-yo reels. Slim design, fits into a pocket easily. Strong, durable plastic material with finger profiles to improve grip.

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