Take your communication experience to the next level.

With technology advancing, businesses can face different challenges. NFON cloud solutions help you take your business into the new digital age. Integrations make it easy for you to connect to your favourite tools and systems.

CRM Connect

Cloudya CRM Connect is perfect for businesses wanting to simplify data management and achieve seamless collaboration. More than 60 CRM platforms, as well as Outlook and Apple Address Book, can be integrated with the Cloudya Desktop App.

  • Better for data management
    • Work effectively by having clients‘ information and CRM contacts at your fingertips.
  • Better for your customers
    • Increases customer satisfaction with faster resolution of queries

NFON Integration for Microsoft Teams

The NFON cloud telephony solution that allows you to make phone calls and use Microsoft Teams as your single solution. Cloudya and Nconnect Voice (Premium and Standard) lets you integrate the familiar Microsoft environment, while being a cost-efficient solution.