Document Security and Destruction

Is your shredding service protecting you?

Did you know…

The CPNI, the Home Office body responsible for Government document destruction standards, does not approve mobile or off-site shredding services for any documents above the very lowest “Official” classification, due to the threat of accidental loss, espionage, inside attack or theft from site, vehicle, storage or destruction facility.

If you use a shredding service...

In-house Shredding vs Shredding – Stages of Risk

In-house shredding vs shredding - stages of risk

The solution...

Have you, as you should under GDPR, audited your shredding service recently from end to end to see how secure it is? Maybe with the return to offices about to happen in the next few weeks and months, now would be a good time to do this. Most people are shocked at what they find!

We can help – talk to us about how we can help you be more secure, implement an effective document security policy and save money using HSM shredding solutions.

Do you really know what you're getting from your shredding service?

Is it secure enough?

Most shredding trucks shred to around 15-20 times bigger than an office cross-cut machine. Unauthorised access to whole sensitive documents in shredding consoles is a real risk.

Does it protect you?

Certificates of Destruction are general, and don't specify individual documents. If there is a data breach, they can't protect you against GDPR fines.

Is it too expensive?

Those seemingly small monthly costs per console soon start to add up. Shredding Services typically cost 5 times as much over 5 years than an in-house solution.

Does it expose you to unnecessary Covid risk?

How many buildings may the person who is emptying your consoles have been in and out of in the past week?

Do you really know what you're getting from your shredding service?

Use appropriate levels of shredding security

Immediately destroy and render documents secure at point of use

Savings of up to 80% over 5 years

Discover how you can dramatically increase the security of your sensitive documents as well as saving money

Shredder Solutions

Office: Securio B34

Shredders - Office Solution

Large office: Securio P44i

Shredders - Large Office Solution

Industrial/Building Shredder: Powerline SP5088

Shredders - Industrial Solution