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Quantus Information Services

Quantus Information Systems Ltd

QIS is a private Limited company operating throughout the UK. We are one of the friendliest and easiest-to-access Business Solutions Integration companies around. We pride ourselves on the quality of our team and the relationships we have with our clients. Both directors have a combined industry knowledge spanning over 60 years.

Built on a foundation for passionate client support and service, QIS has enthusiastic members of staff devoted to ensuring our customers receive the greatest after sales care. We have a unique, client-centric approach that includes providing a full-services personal support team (PST) to each client. PSTs combine the skill sets of a Product Specialist, IT specialist, Network engineer and an Operational Support Manager.

Your PST is there to support in every capacity – from developing and advising on new technologies, to helping your businesses adapt and grow. Our directors also take an “out in the field approach” and are active at all times supporting our corporate accounts, monitoring the PST, and ensuring a trouble free facility.

Why Choose Quantus

We understand that servicing requirements will vary by product, department, office and workload and that there is NO one-size-fits-all standard agreement that will meet all requirements for all equipment all of the time. QIS help you create your own bespoke service package to consider all areas of your business.

What we’ll deliver

What we’ll deliver:

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