Work Smarter, Not Harder with QIS’ Blended Approach on PDF Productivity Software

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Work Smarter, Not Harder with QIS’ Blended Approach on PDF Productivity Software

At QIS we are extremely excited to share with you our unique blended approach combining both Adobe Acrobat DC & Kofax Power PDF to help you Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Acrobat Pro DC Is The World’s Most-Used PDF App, however…..

When was the last time you reviewed your contract agreement for PDF Productivity Software?

If your default go-to position is Acrobat DC Licenses from Adobe – have you ever looked at alternatives, or even better, have you considered a ‘blended’ offering of both Adobe, plus a credible alternative?

At QIS, we have both Adobe Acrobat DC & Kofax Power PDF in our portfolio, why do we adopt this approach? Whilst we believe the Adobe suite is incredibly powerful, we also believe the Kofax Solution is an excellent product, which has a proven track record to do everything the Adobe DC software can do, but at approximately 50% – 70% of the cost.

We believe there is absolutely a place for Acrobat DC licenses in organisations, such as Digital Marketing & Creative Departments etc, as the Adobe Software is incredibly feature rich, however, for users who just need basic functionality when working with PDF’s, such as editing, converting, combining, creating editable forms etc. then Power PDF is hard to beat. So why not have both solutions in your organisation?

  • IT Departments like it because it is simple to install, easy to manage & fully supported
  • End users like it because Kofax uses the Microsoft Office style ribbon user interface to minimise learning curve and maximise uptake
  • Budget holders like it because it carries a significantly lower cost when compared to Adobe, plus the licensees are perpetual, as opposed to a subscription – i.e. you own the license
  • Department Heads who need PDF’s signed like it because it has full integration with DocuSign


If you would like to book a demonstration or require more information on our approach then do not hesitate to get in touch! Contact us HERE

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